DR Kabari is a kind and thorough doctor. I appreciate his help greatly. The facility is top notch with great equipment and staff.

Sam M.

The Kabari Wellness Institute is a comprehensive wellness center that delivers. I chose to put my private counseling practice at the Wellness Institute because I wanted my clients to achieve holistic wellness - at the gym, the state of the art recovery center, after hours counseling, chiropractic care, skin care, personal training, weight loss programs, and the multiple spa treatment options. Many of my clients are involved in multiple services and are thriving!!! This place has everything you need to feel and look your best. I am truly grateful to serve the community at the Kabari Wellness Institute.

Personally, I am a gym member, a chiropractic patient of Dr Kabari, and get hormone replacement therapy (TRT) from Dr A. Kabari. I have never felt better, looked better, and fully endorse these services. In fact, at my last physical exam, my primary doctor said "I don't know what your doing but your in great shape, healthy, and your blood work is the best it has ever been." How is that for holistic wellness:)...

Chris T.

Dr Kabari and his team at the Wellness Institute are specialists in restoring and maintaining your overall health. I have been seeing Dr. Karbari for more than 5 years and it has literally changed my quality of life. This new facility is spectacular and the staff is exceptional. The full range of wellness experts and tools they have to offer is unequaled in this area. They are professional and connected to their clients. I highly recommend giving them a try!

Melanie W.

Very happy with kabari wellness. One stop shop for all the services I need. Kabari chiropractic has got me back on my feet and ready for summer. The people and counselors are top notch. Very satisfied.

Ken F.

I STRONGLY recommend working with Dr. Kabari - I brought my son in to see him after almost a year of on and off upper respiratory illness that I could not seem to heal after supplements, diet, and seeing other practitioners. After just one session with Dr. Kabari my son's cough has disappeared and he was even able to explain why he may be struggling with speech due to underactive and tight muscles. Dr. Kabari is a true expert in his field and constantly growing his knowledge and community of health professionals, tools, and protocols to help his patients heal. He is extremely dedicated to his work and committed to building a likeminded health community. Anyone struggling with physical, mental, emotional pain, mystery illnesses and symptoms, fatigue, etc. - I strongly recommend booking an appointment!!

Kerry S.

I had always wanted to try a spin class! I am so thankful I gave it a try because I am addicted! Melanie has a new routine each class. I loved it so much that I joined her Tabata class. I have worked hard and already see and feel the difference. I am getting stronger everyday. I am a diabetic and the classes help to lower my glucose. We work hard, sweat hard and leave feeling energized! If you want a great workout with great people give spin and Tabata a try. I am so thankful I did!

Shelly F.

Dr. Kabari is so kind and helpful! I loved my results!

Amelia B.

Great addition to Rome

Gina C.

Great gym.

Robert C.

Great atmosphere.

C. D.