Realign Your Spine to Thrive

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Pain or tension in the body can prevent you from reaching your wellness goals. If you're having trouble performing at your best, turn to Kabari Wellness Institute. Our chiropractor offers services in Rome and Seneca Falls, NY. We'll help align your body without surgery or medication using this holistic approach. Our chiropractor will focus on hands-on spinal manipulation and other treatments to encourage healing.

Our chiropractic services include:

Active Release Technique (ART) treatments - can relieve tissue tension by removing fibrosis or adhesions
Advanced Muscle Kinetics - can treat muscles to prevent and accelerate healing and help athletes with chronic musculoskeletal conditions
Kinesio Taping - can relieve pain, reduce recovery time and improve fitness
Clinical whole food nutrition - Our registered Dietician will help yoube your best self through Diet and Nutrition.
Nutrition testing - a non-invasive method that evaluates, assesses and determines your body's nutritional deficiencies to help us figure out what your body needs
Neurological reconnections - we evaluate and assess the body's own neurological reflexes and certain acupuncture points.
We treat everyone like a million-dollar athlete. If you're interested in chiropractic services, call our chiropractor now.

Need help breathing easier?

You may think the chiropractor can only help alleviate back pain, but that's not the case. If you struggle with allergies, asthma, sinus congestion, headaches, migraines, snoring problems or sleep apnea, you may be a good candidate for a Nasal Specific Technique treatment. This treatment is a cranial adjustment that can help you find relief and avoid sinus surgery.

Contact us today to schedule a Nasal Specific Technique treatment.