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Join us for salt therapy and more in Rome or Seneca Falls, NY

Spend your day relaxing and resetting at Kabari Wellness Institute. Our wellness institute provides services to help you feel amazing, like hydromassage therapy and salt therapy. Many of our treatments are calming with potential health benefits.

Pamper yourself at Kabari Wellness Institute in Rome or Seneca Falls, NY today. Get in touch now to make an appointment, or just walk in.

What can you find in our wellness institute?

Restorative Functional Center

is equipped with top-of-the-line technology. Visit us to use our...
  • Hydromassage beds - for hydromassage therapy
  • Red light therapy- for red light therapy
  • Compression boot - for a restorative massage
  • Infrared sauna - for salt therapy
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber - optimal oxygenation of the body promotes tissue healing, new growth of blood vessels, detoxification, and many other health benefits


The Inspiration 550 Hybrid Performance is a luxury tanning experience for mid-and top-level tanners. Equipped with ultra-performance facial tanning technology and the unique combination of Red Light and UV, the Inspiration 550 Hybrid delivers unmatched results. Red Light LED's are featured in the facial area to further enhance the benefits of skin care and create a more effective tanning session. This synergistic combination of Red Light and UV provides a longer lasting, more golden and natural looking tan.

Reduced effects of seasonal affective disorder symptoms, increased vitamin D and serotonin production are just some of the benefits of tanning bed use. It also helps correct minor skin issues such as acne and eczema. UV light relaxes the body as it eases stiff and sore muscles.


The all new Ergoline Inspiration 550 Hybrid Performance offers an exclusive combination of Red Light and UV technology in a moderate sized footprint. Equipped with Hybrid Performance lamp technology in a compact unit, features include decreased power consumption, longer lamp life, ultra-performance facial tanning technology, Comfort Cooling and 3D sound. Fully loaded with all the standard options, the Inspiration 550 Hybrid delivers unmatched results in a whole new light.

Ground breaking Hybrid Light Technology from Ergoline is a unique combination of UV and Red Light in harmony to deliver a new level of tanning and skin care results. The result of this holistic environment creates synergistic effects between Red Light and UV, providing a more natural looking and longer lasting tan.


Hydro-Massage is a soothing and relaxing massage experience. The intensity of the warm water jets aids in muscle recovery and reduces pain and inflammation.

Enjoy warmth and relaxation in the Infra-Red salt therapy sauna while it provides detoxification, anti-aging properties and pain relief. It can help lower blood pressure, increase circulation, speed weight loss, hair growth and wound healing. Reduce stress and rejuvinate in a calming environment

Our Halotherapy and Infrared Sauna ( ALL IN ONE CABIN)

✅Enhances sport performance
✅speeds up recovery
✅Improves respiratory health
✅Improve immune resilience
✅Promotes detoxification
✅Helps dry skin conditions
✅Helps with chronic pain
✅Relieves muscle tension and stress
✅Touchless treatment


As Compression Boots gently massage your legs it decreases inflammation and tension while helping speed muscle recovery. It also increases range of motion and flexibility while promoting circulation which results in less swelling and accumulated fluid.

Corrective stretch/exercise

gentle stretches and routines that focus on mending damaged soft tissue, muscles and joints.

Massage Therapy

we have a massage therapist on staff
In Rome, we also have an oxygen chamber. And in Seneca Falls, we have the Ergoline Inspiration 550 Hybrid tanning bed. Reach out to us today to learn more about our therapies and technology. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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