For patients who suffer from allergies, asthma, sinus congestion, chronic sinus infections, headaches, migraines, deviated septums, snoring problems and sleep apnea, NST can be miraculous and sinus surgery can be avoid

How it works...

A small balloon is inserted into the nasal passages, and by simply expanding the tissues within the nasal passages, the sutures and chambers within the skull are unlocked, restoring them to normal function.

NST also helps to alleviate cognitive problems associated with concussions, and learning and informational processing problems as a result of these chambers being congested and the sutures locked.

Other dysfunctions that can be either eliminated or their effect greatly lessened with the use of Nasal Specific Technique:

Alzheimer'sDizziness or VertigoInsomnia or Somnolence
AnxietyEar infectionsLoss of Mental Coordination
Chronic Fatigue SyndromeEncephalitis ConfusionLoss of Smell
Dental PressureHearing LossLoss of Visual Acuity
DisorientationIrritabilityand More